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Friday, October 21, 2011

To the Lighthouse

My beloved Nauset Light, which has enthralled me since I was a teenager*.

Finally!!!!! finished my article revise and just emailed it in to my editor. Thank God for email, for night owls like me.

Tomorrow, heading to Cape Cod with Sug, Sis and Don for a long weekend. H. has been hired to write 60-Second Novels for several parties, and Figgy can't miss school tomorrow and Monday. I look forward to having time to talk to my Sis and remember our Dad in our family home up there on Wonderstrand Way. I want to see the lighthouse; the ocean; the Hot Chocolate Sparrow; the windmills; Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary; and the Salt Pond Visitor Center. And to do whatever Sis and Don have on their list. And give Sug a chance to run in the sand.

Good night.

  1. Slept well last night.
  2. Iced coffee.
  3. Made healthy shrimp fajitas on whole-grain tortillas for dinner.
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  1. Have a safe trip, a great time, and say hi to Sis and Don. Love, Lin

  2. thanks, Lin. better get moving b/c Sis is pretty punctual and doesn't suffer [late] fools gladly. love, alice

  3. Sis's punctuality is good news for meeting up next Sunday :-)