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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Aim Is True

How romantic his lyrics can be.
Went to the Wellmont Theatre here in Montclair tonight with Barbara and John, who had one extra ticket [as of this morning] to see Elvis Costello. It was great. I wish H. could have been there. I really loved:
  • Pump It Up
  • [What's So Funny about] Peace, Love and Understanding
  • Alison, with the beautiful lyrics, my aim is true. Just so romantic and lovely, and reminds me of my H. When I texted him the message Alison! from the Wellmont, he texted back My aim is true.
Well, I'm going to be listening to our old Elvis Costello CD starting tomorrow.

Also, cannot tell a lie. One of my favorite things about today was the pumpkin whoopie pie with cream-cheese filling that I got at Le Baker's Dozen. I innocently went to the dentist's office to make a payment on our family bill, and a patient was raving about the pumpkin whoopie pie. Since the bakery is right across the street, I felt compelled to get one. It was absolutely divine. Moist and pumpkin-y--and all that good beta carotene to boot, right? I have to learn to make these, now that I have my own whoopie pie pan.

  1. Too tired to rouse self for boot camp. Felt bad about that, but let body sink back into sleep. And in sleeping, dreamt up detailed "bones" for mystery novel I could write. Jotted them down when I woke.
  2. Salon blowout, booked ahead to save $5.
  3. Walked Sug around block once.
  4. Hunted and found hotel in Middlebury, Vermont for Fig, me and Sug. We're planning to drive to Stowe this weekend. A New England drink of fall is definitely TCOY. Fig off Monday for Columbus Day, and big family gathering in Stowe on Sunday, plus my friend/college roommate Meg and husband, Greg, live in Stowe. Plus, media event for Lake Champlain Chocolates and Stowe Mountain Lodge this weekend. We hope to stay with Meg + Greg one night; at Lodge one night; and I booked historic Middlebury Inn for one night. Every motel and hotel I called in and around Burlington and Stowe was completely full--leaf-peeping time. But this inn had a cancellation, and one room left--a pet-friendly one. H. can't come with us, and we'll miss him--he's been planning for months to go to Washington Island with his college buddies, two of whom have houses there.


  1. That text exchange is so romantic! Have fun this weekend!

  2. Hi Lin: alright. you have laid down the white glove, the challenge.
    Hi Kim: thank you. travel safe, too.
    love, alice