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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short List

Thank you for:
  1. That nice sleep.
  2. That text from Sis, in Chicago.
  3. That quick, stolen trip to Dunkin' Donuts with Fig for hot bevs.
  4. Sound of leaves crunching underfoot.
  5. That hug, given and received.
  6. That kiss, given and received.
  7. That exciting plan--the query answered.
  8. Experts with big hearts.
  9. Sug's dog coat.
  10. That cappuccino at Petit Paris on Church Street in Montclair tonight with girlfriends Anne and Elly.
  11. That found check in a mile-high stack of bills.
  12. My work. 
  13. Enough heating oil in the tank for now.
Thank you. Good night.

  1. Walked Sug around block twice.
  2. Brown rice sushi.
  3. Private Benjamin, and I walked there.
  4. Learning to listen rather than always fill the void with speaking.
  5. Chicken.

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