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Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue on Blue

Austin-tatious Turquoise for toes.
Grateful for some rich blue things today, from turquoise nail polish to a midnight ink-blue sky to a technicolor blue rose on the wonderful bakery layer cake our friend Michael brought to our house for dinner with our families. Good night.

  1. Boot camp in park. Hard, hard. Sometimes my faith in myself flags a lot when I see a photo of me, but I want to believe. I know boot camp makes me feel strong.
  2. Made turkey burger for lunch, with good garlic pickle.
  3. Read Eating Well Magazine, hope to make one of the uberhealthy green soups.
  4. Worked hard.


  1. Green soups! I love Eating Well. Thanks for the reminder to dig that issue up and make some too!

  2. Hi Kim. You are the first person who told me years ago about that magazine, and I do like it too! i don't subscribe, but buy when I can't resist it at the supermarket checkout...did not shop for soup ingreds today but hope to tomorrow......!