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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fresh Air, Fresh Greens

I'm hoping to make the Very Green Lentil Soup on page 81. Must get greens.
First Sug and I took a walk with Barbara and her dog and Beth and her dog, leaves crunching underfoot. Then Sug and I took a second walk with H., at night, up over to the darkened road that rises behind the Iris Gardens. Looked at stars. I also walked around town today and stood outside a while at my very first field hockey game, watching Anne and Michael's daughter Emily play! Inspiring. Go, Emmy!!!

Sug has collapsed on couch now and I'm tired, too. Fresh air makes you good tired. H. is not so drowsy--he's going to do teen shuttle service tonight, still looming ahead. Once you have teens in the suburbs, you do that a lot. Don't know how we would manage without wheels.

Good night.

  1. All those walks and brisk sunshine.
  2. Made turkey burgers for me and Fig [veggie burger for H.] and fresh steamed green beans.
  3. Started to feel overwhelmed with unhealthy foods--dark chocolate bar, crackers, butter. Poured big glass of ice water. Tasted clean, crisp, cold, pure, right. Rebounded.


  1. test comment to see why my stylin' blonde friend H. can't post anonymously!