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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello from Gettysburg, PA

Must sleep, because breakfast is 5:30 and we start biking @ 6:30 in Battle Against Hunger ride. We left home around 6:30 P.M.; it's a long drive here.

I have my bike shirt, padded shorts, sneakers, socks and helmet ready. I will take my health insurance card, cell phone and list of SAG [support and gear] drivers for when I need to be picked up. They say there may be thunderstorms. Not good.

Fig was going to ride with me, and H. was coming to SAG, but she is too pressured with French final [making up last year] and SAT prep course starting tomorrow. It's a whole weekend, so one of us wanted to stay home with Fig. I am disappointed they couldn't come, but here I am.

A tall bottle of water is chilling in the little hotel fridge. I have H.'s bike downstairs, lined up next to lots of other bikes with superskinny tires and tiny seats. Not mine. But that's fine by me.

Now lights out for about 5 hours. Please, wish me luck.

  1. Boot camp in the park. But hot as all getout.
  2. Nap.
  3. Shower.
  4. Just bought mouthwash at convenience store across the street, for good tooth care.


  1. I do wish you luck! Also, so impressed with your commitment to this cause. Will be thinking of you today. Love, Linny

  2. GOOD LUCK, Alice! Have a great time. Heidi

  3. Hi Lin. Hi Heidi. thanks so much for the good karma. it helped! love alice