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Friday, September 7, 2012

Style Notes

Check for a really charming Parisian website, with music.
Fourth Annual Fashion's Night Out.....Fig and I have gone every year. This time, she asked to bring her friend Charlotte. But they wanted to go to Coach [57th & Madison] and Bloomingdale's [59th & Lex] and I didn't think I could find free street parking around there, so I dropped them off and drove uptown, toward Tory Burch and Milly, Ladurée and Lilly Pulitzer [which was closed by the time I arrived]. Found a free spot on 71st right off Madison.

But parking uptown meant I romped my beloved playground Figless. The girls were too far away--I didn't feel like walking there or taking a subway--and besides, Bloomingdale's didn't really interest me.

I'm a little tired and cranky, so want to go to sleep. But here's my hit list. Click on boldface names to check websites.
  • Tory Burch. As always, from the orange door to the doll-size gelato cones [I had vanilla]. From the dazzling earrings [$195] to the beautiful white sandals and the well-heeled shoppers to match. It was really crowded there at 8:55; the store was open till 9:30 for FNO. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Even when I can't afford to buy anything @ Tory [like tonight], I love scoping out the merchandise in person. That way, when it goes on sale at, I know what I like, what looked as good in person as it does on the web page. Party note: I spotted women on Madison carrying cellophane-wrapped cookies decorated with the Tory logo. But none in sight by the time I arrived. Rats.
  • Milly. What can I tell you. The sizes aren't big enough for me, but I love this designer's sensibility....the punchy colors, the feminine cuts, the coats and shoes and handbags. One day I will own one of those handbags. For now, I have a fabulous oceany turquoise print Milly beach tote with white terrycloth lining that I got years ago at Bergdorf's on a deep markdown [original price around $300].  I splurged here tonight. I asked if anything was on sale and the salesperson, Steve, pointed me over to the corner. I found a silk scarf for $55, marked down from $95. It's red, white, blue and adorable. I hope to wear it tomorrow to perk up my day--maybe in my hair, I have to see. Party note: They were pouring Prosecco and glass jars were filled with giant pink gumballs [I took two for the girls] and other pink candies. The cocktail napkins were hot pink with gold Milly in script. The shopping bag is a work of art, and I intend to have it for keeps. It echoes the napkin--hot pink with gold trim. So nice.
  • Ladurée. Oh, to dream. Macarons in so many colors, and best of all, beautiful boxes to match. Last FNO, they were giving away free ones, but not this year....I bought a notebook and I love it. It is truly gorgeous."You're having the notebook?" the man at the register said to me. Yes. Yes, I am. I also love the shopping bag. [I inherited this shopping bag gene from my mother. Decades after she died, we still had/have some of her beautiful bags from Lord & Taylor, B. Altman and Bonwit Teller.]
  • Sant Ambroeus.
Look at that beautiful logo and color! I bought a little, featherlight meringue and a larger cookie [$4 total] just so I could take the matchbox without feeling guilty. Two gentlemen in front of me got a quart of the pistachio gelato to go, plus 3 double-scoop cups, for $29.50. The buyer gave the scooper a $5 tip. Upper East Side, yes. I really want to have lunch or dinner there sometime.
  • Jo Malone.  Blackberry & Bay fragrance was all the buzz. Best themed refreshments all night: blackberry bellinis and blackberry gelato cubes on a stick--very pretty colors and head and shoulders above now tired options in every shop of champagne, rows of pastel macarons on silver trays and mini cupcakes in their tiny pleated-skirt wrappers. I'm intrigued by the Wild Bluebell [both the name, which brings to mind old-fashioned flowers in an English field, and the fragrance]. The saleslady spritzed me in a generous cloud and gave me samples. I missed Sis here--she loves Jo Malone.
  • Empire State Building. Dressed stylishly in red. Beautiful view of it on drive home to NJ.
Must rest. Leaving for Battle Against Hunger Bike Ride tomorrow 6 P.M., back Sunday night. Starts in Gettysburg, PA, ends in historic Trenton. Busy workday before leaving tomorrow. From Fashion's Night Out to padded bike shorts. Good night.

  1. Rode my bike to Private Benjamin appt. with H.
  2. Got some exercise marching up and down Madison Avenue.
  3. Admired the big showy white moon flowers I grew from seeds. [They bloom at dusk and in the dark, unfurling to be pollinated by moths. I just read that.]


  1. Y. introduced me to Laduree when she brought back an iconic green box of macarons from Paris her sophomore year (2 week exchange program). When I learned they opened a NYC store, I stood on line for an hour last year to buy her the smallest box possible ($25, I think) for her Christmas stocking. Lovely lovely shop and lovely macarons.

    I love that you save beautiful shopping bags and have your mother's!

  2. Hi lovely that Y brought those beauties back all the way from paris and that you waited on line for an hour. you are so good to do that! love alice

  3. It was oddly festive. I timed it to be just a few days before Christmas (so the macarons would keep) and the city was all aglow in its holiday festivities.