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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Honeycrisp apple image from Ecker's Apple Farm in Wisconsin.
H. and I have been going for help....and it has been helpful. It takes time and money, but it is good.

We cover a lot of ground in one hour. At the end of the session today, our helper wrote down tasks for each of us on a piece of her white letterhead. She keeps a copy.

I won't write what it says for H., but here's what it says for me:

Alice=Baking foods not desserts.

This is not new, I have tried it before, but I like this helper, and her support, insights and sound advice. [I also like her sense of style.] The idea is to focus on delicious soups, spinach pie, veggie lasagna, etc. Family dinners. I'm all for that, and have tried that. But I have a renewed commitment to make more healthful things, but still to indulge my dessert baking for gatherings/parties/bake sales.

This afternoon, I peeled Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp and tiny apples with rosy-tinged flesh and made applesauce and then tonight, applesauce muffins, using 1/2 spelt flour and 1/2 white flour, cutting the sugar in half and decreasing the butter. They're good.

Good night.

  1. Slept well.
  2. Private Benjamin.


  1. Hi Alice. I had to look up what spelt flour is. Sounds interesting and healthier. Do you notice a difference in flavor or texture? The article says that it is lower in cals and higher in nutrition, too. Good luck about the dessert baking. Love, Lin

  2. Hi Lin. i have to say the homemade applesauce, made with a few different kind of apples, whatever we had around, may have made these muffins taste so good. but i am trying to add more whole grains to our foods here. I bought the spelt flour when i stocked up on all of those healthy ingredients months ago b/c I bought a healthy baking cookbook. i would feel good using half white flour and half spelt or other whole-grain flour in piecrusts, muffins, quick breads, to give them a little high-fiber oomph and nutty/hearty flavor. love al