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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rise & Fall, Then Rise Again

Sand trap, major sand trap. Soft and dangerous.

Fall down, rise up. Stumble, recover.

A few falls does not a failure make.

After the weekend bike ride, renewing my efforts to eat better and be healthier. I made Swiss chard with onions, tofu, a little olive oil and a shake of red pepper flakes for lunch! Felt good. Then a moderate dinner with H. and Fig in our breakfast nook, but early--5 P.M. due to Fig's schedule.

Was fine till 9:15 P.M., when I headed to Kings [supermarket] to get apples, granola bars and some kind of snack. Resisted cookie aisle, bakery department, freezer case. But succumbed to a two-pack of Devil Dogs... 350 calories. They were good, but it's unfortunate that I ate them in the car on the drive home, that unhealthy, stealthy pattern I have.

Tomorrow is another day, and I just started a food diary. I haven't done one in a while. I hope it helps. In the past, it was kind of torturous.....Oh, Ok, there are the three kinds of dessert I ate, written down....maybe this time will be different. Maybe it will.

Still have some laundry to fold, then sleep.

Good night. Thanks for being there and for listening.

  1. Made that big bunch of leafy chard with pretty hot-pink stems--H. and I each ate half the pan.
  2. Rested.
  3. Walked Sug 40+ minutes--nice weather.


  1. The food diary is definitely the way to go. But I save up my Dove Dark wrappers every night and log them the next day, disgusted with how I can't handle the evenings. But I do write them down! And some rare days knowing I have to log them makes me stop.

    Isn't the weather the best ever for walking?

  2. Hi Nan...yes, this is top-10 walking weather. ideal. thanks for the note and encouragement. best, alice