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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Boating in Connecticut

View from the Holley House, Cos Cob, reproduction of painting by John Henry Twachtman**.
Sis and Don took H. and me out on a boat from the Greenwich Water Club in Cos Cob this afternoon. Don owned boats for decades, started sailing as boy on Lake Michigan in Chicago, went far and wide on the water--but they don't own a boat now as it became too much work and money for too few uses. So today, Sis again hired Captain Niel to take us out.

Sis and H. reeled in a few keepers--porgies--but they were still flopping in the bag when we docked after our four-hour cruise, so H. asked if we could throw them back. In they went.

I'd love to write more but my eyes have been burning all day on and off from somehow rubbing sunscreen into them. That's what I don't like about putting sunscreen on my face.

Did love: snowy white egret; lighthouse on island; ferry; sailboats; Dad's old binoculars; learning to fish. So many good fishing terms that apply to life: reel in a good catch; bait and switch; fish or cut bait; still water runs deep; falling for someone hook, line and sinker. Fun.

Good night.

**For oil painting reproductions, check THIS LINK

  1. Rode my pink bike to church.
  2. Liked the homily at Mass--about listening quietly to get to know God, that who God is and what God wants for you is not always plain and clear.


  1. There are other fish in the sea. Bottom feeder. Fish or cut bait. Bailout. Anyway, so glad you had a good time with the original Sissy and all. Love, Linda

  2. Oh yes, other fish in the sea is the BEST! I forgot. and bottom feeder!!!!!!! awesome!!! love al hope all is well