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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Miss about My Dad

  • His nicknames for me--Al, Schmadsen and others.
  • Going out to lunch with him.
  • His "zipper jacket."
  • Seeing him work hard in rehab, trying to take steps. 
  • He praised my driving.
  • He supported me as a writer.
  • He asked me about my friends.
  • He pushed his walker with Sug in the seat on top.
  • Going to the grocery store with him, until we had to start going for him.
  • Talking about how our family friends and relatives are.
  • He was proud of me.
  • His stories about being a young man and meeting my mother's parents--how my grandmother said "John loves creamed onions," although he hated them and then had to eat some, and how my grandfather told jokes with his thick Irish brogue.
  • He enlisted me to order Godiva chocolate for special people at Christmas--his two brothers' wives, some old friends on the Cape, Sis/Don and others.
Good night, Dad. I'm missing you. Why didn't I record some conversations? I would love to play them right now. Well, I'll tell you why. That would have been acknowledging that you'd be gone one day, leaving the tape recorder--and me--behind.

  1. Boot camp in the park. Glorious sunny day.
  2. Beet greens and tofu.

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