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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A pair of shorts Fig made. I think her friend Laura is modeling them.
  1. Today was H.'s 55th birthday, and I made him the French apple tarts I first baked for him when we were dating. They're his and now Figgy's favorites--even over a devil's food cake, which I simply cannot fathom. Give me a fork and a wedge of devil's food any time over something made with an ingredient as wholesome as fruit. That's the sad truth.
  2. We can finally pay some big bills--after months, things moving along with H.'s book contract. Huge relief.
  3. It was a beautiful day and I rode my pink bike with basket to our appointment.
  4. Figgy sold a shirt in her Etsy shop--a sale that she has to pack up and mail from the post office. In person, she has also sold a pair of shorts to one friend and shirts to two others. Here are links to the POST I wrote about it in July, and to the SHOP, just for eye candy.
  1. I ate a 300-calorie bag of sea salt and vinegar potato chips at lunch in the sandwich shop today. I don't like to use the term "bad" with eating, because we're all human and have to forgive our missteps, and because eating a bag of chips is not a major character flaw--but it's not ugly enough to be ugly, so it has to be in the bad category.
  1. The reality I faced in couples' therapy today--about my work, or lack of it, and the problems it has caused. And what I should do about it. Tough pill to swallow. Not sure I agree with the hard party line. Will contemplate, and try to pray for quiet answer.
  2. Coincidentally or not with Ugly #1, it became evident today that we are not yet out of the woods, no siree Bob, with a health problem and its rippling effects--like when you skip a stone, and it travels far beyond the spot where it originally touched the water. [I never knew how to skip a stone, but Fig's cousin Will skillfully taught her up in Maine when they were both little, and I watched.]
Good night.

  1. Rode my bike.
  2. Showed up @ two tough appointments. That's no small potatoes.

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