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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fat-free Dressing

I got a great book in the bargain section @ my local Barnes & Noble: How to Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp, who was at InStyle Magazine. Copyright 2010, the book was marked down from cover price of $26.99 to $6.98.

I know a lot of this already--the V-neck sweaters, long necklaces, etc. But this book is well-written and I am really liking it, especially the internet shopping source lists. [I regret to say that my Figgy is upset with it. She just joined the Montclair High School chapter of NOW and feels this is very sexist, this assumption that all women want to be thin. I told her it is not about dieting, but about fashion. In a way, it's about accepting yourself and certainly not starving yourself, though it does have some tips on calorie-counting and food choices, so maybe she has a point.]

On another note, I made Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's GRANOLA BARS tonight. I thank my friend Kim for introducing me to her--she and my friend Barb have both raved about Ree's crowd-pleasing chocolate sheet cake. [I think it's also known in some circles as Texas Sheet Cake.]

Figgy eats a granola bar most mornings. The ingredient list is like a dictionary, though I'm sure I could find simpler ones. But I gave this a go, with its big tray of oven-toasted oats, almonds, pecans, wheat germ, honey....I left out the Rice Krispies [seemed odd], added a scattering of unsweetened coconut and used blood-orange ifnused olive oil in place of canola. Also stirred a little orange extract into the melted dark chocolate [for dipping].

To sleep now. Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Read my new book and took a nap.
  3. Got a yum smoothie @ yoga place/juice bar in town.
  4. Ate broccoli with my dinner. 
  5. Going on 8 A.M. meditation walk on nearby mountaintop tomorrow [led by yoga teacher].


  1. Glad you're enjoying PW! Her sheet cake really is a winner! I've made it lots of times.

  2. Hi Kim. the granola bars are pretty good but pretty healthy vs. cookies, so not so buttery or anything.....i like PW site! thanks. alice

  3. Sounds like a good book – I would buy it. But I really like the clever title of this post. Now I am going to look up the chocolate sheet cake... I am wondering what makes it so special. Love, Lin

  4. Now I see... lots of butter. Yum. Sounds really moist and rich. Lin