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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sound of Silence

Well, now I need a pair of hiking shoes. These are cute [L.L. Bean].
This morning, 8 A.M., met yoga teacher Omni at top of Garrett Mountain [10 minutes from here] for silent meditation walk. Really liked it. This was the first in a series, so it was just Omni, me and another woman, until word gets out.

We walked by water, through woods, on paths, off road--for about 50 minutes. We didn't talk. Sneakers crunching on gravel, walking up winding hills, passing road signs, lily pads.Then we stretched a little and journaled a little.

Omni hopes to lead us in a different place each week, through weather and wind.....We can put on our hiking boots and go, she said.

If you live near Montclair, check it. Here is Omni's class description, below. Visit

BEGINS 10/4 - Silent Walking Meditation - first location is at Garrett Mountain in Woodland Park NJ, meet at the middle parking lot at the top of the hill @ 8 am.

For much of my life, when I need to think or clear my mind for a few minutes I have taken a walk. I even remember hiking with my family, we would rarely speak but our energy was connected. This is a class that I am so looking forward to, join me (Omni) every thursday morning from 8am-9:15 and we will discuss a focus/meditation for our silent walk. I will lead the way and we will walk silently in a number of different places for our walks. The walk's location will be within 10 minutes of the studio and listed on the website/home page every week. We will meet and center together, then begin our walk promptly at 8:15am. This class is one class off your class card or included in your unlimited package.

Good night.
  1. Silent walk.
  2. Walked Sug around block.
  3. Rested.
  4. Good tooth care.
  5. Made big SPINACH PIE with two pounds of baby spinach in it, and olive oil rather than melted butter to brush the dough.. [Rcipe from, my go-to site--I also love and am about to start exploring]

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