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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feet of Clay [Mine, Not Aerin's]

That's Aerin, embodying a lifestyle.

I try hard but am so flawed. Just last night, I said I was moving my bedtime to 10:30, right? But Figgy didn't have to be @ school til 11 this morning due to a testing schedule, so she could sleep late and so could I. Therefore, I was up til 11:45. Still better than the usual 12:30, but....what?!

I get disappointed in myself, setting a goal and not keeping it. Will try again tonight.

And what did I do between end of presidential debate and 11:45 P.M.? I trolled the internet--or maybe I should start saying I beauty-queened the internet so I don't feel bad about myself, like I'm an ugly green creature living under a small, creepy bridge.

I beauty-queened to find info about Aerin Lauder, Estée Lauder's granddaughter. Aerin is in the same class as Tory Burch, a pretty, polished, famous, chic style icon and a mom of boys--I'm pretty sure the two women are friends [no, really]. Aerin is understated and beautiful....

It started when I read about her new product line in Vogue. Then on Friday night @ Neiman Marcus, while waiting for Fig and pal, this nice beauty pro named Dealin LaValley [] helped me out, showing me the goodies. I didn't buy anything, but he kindly gave me a sample--a tiny, doll-sized pink tube--of Aerin ROSE LIP CONDITIONER, and I've been loving it.

So yesterday [while I should have been working, strictly] I ordered a tube--free shipping and returns at, so cheaper than spending gas money to drive back to Garden State Plaza in Paramus. Then I landed at Soon started googling images of Aerin's mother, Jo Carole see if beauty is in the genes...and then came upon Aerin's sister, Jane, and their aunt, stunning Evelyn Lauder.....and so on. Then inevitably, the road from beauty to food: I read about Aerin serving her famous grandmother's favorites--roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, Bûche de Noël, chocolate-covered marshmallows from Hoffman's Chocolate in tony Palm Beach, FL. And then home decorating--you can check Aerin's lovely design eye @

Here it is, another day. Let's have a good one. If only a magical pink lip slip could transform my world, make everything smooth and rose-colored, not a wrinkle in sight. In my dreams, baby, in my dreams. But I still believe in the power of pretty.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block once.


  1. That doesn't sound so much like trolling as like research. There ya go. We have all gotten pulled into looking things up and before you know it hours have passed. Take care. I'm here reading you every day. Love, Linny

  2. There ya go is right! how are you, Lin/ thank you for checking in on me. sis is away in chicago with don visiting family so i have not gotten word on the dates...although she and i are in touch via phone or text most every day anyway...but please give us a nudge when you know what works for you and Judi...maybe some Nov. and Dec. al xooxxo

    1. It looks like a NYC visit isn't in the cards for this holiday season, I am sorry to say. Joe's new job will require a lot of unforeseen random Saturdays (so I will have Joey duty) and Dut works on Sundays. Darn, I am disappointed. But please come visit us whenever you can! Dut and I miss you. Love, Linda

    2. ok, then my mandate is to get down to see you all and aunt edith! love al miss you

  3. thanks, Kim. i hope all is going well. love alice

  4. Thanks for the kind words. :)
    "Dealin LaValley"

  5. Hi were so helpful, so great! I love the Aerin line. Thanks. Best, Alice