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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Morning Meditation Walk

I bought this CD @ Starbucks along with my tall latte.
I joined Omni's SILENT WALK this morning @ Brookdale Park. Every week, the location changes. Four of us followed her along the paths, padding along in our sneakers. The leaves were so pretty. I also saw purple berries and pink weeds, mighty trunks and fledgling trees. I crossed paths with several people I know--Cecilia, Gloria, and a nice French woman who used to live around the block--but I just smiled and nodded. The idea is that we're supposed to stay quiet. It really is a different experience. Cecilia was chatting vigorously on her cell as she walked, and I have done that, too. I realized how calming it is to be silent and observe.

At the end, we do some yoga stretches and breathing.....and I brought my gratitude journal [unearthed from my office--bought it on Cape Cod in summer 2009] and scribbled some notes in that, too. I sat on the stone steps writing...up walked Lisa, then Patsy, Rebecca and Heidi, my boot camp friends and role models who are training really hard [with Michael, Eric, Andy, Barb and others] for next Saturday's Men's Health Urbanathlon. It was so great to see them. They take those steps like graceful warriors.

Good night.

  1. The silent walk.
  2. Salon blowout, prebooked to save $5.
  3. Private Benjamin with H.
  4. Made a veggie-centered meal from yesterday's New York Times. Penne, caramelized eggplant and garlic, fresh tomatoes, H.'s homegrown pepper and basil.
  5. Walked Sug over by Iris Gardens.
  6. Listening to Diana Krall CD now. Like it. Soothing. I also like her hairdo.


  1. Hey, Alice:

    Things we have in common: the weight, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the tendency of hitting the internet instead of dealing. This is an example!

    I agree weight and anything else big - kids, work, money - seems like too much. So weight loss can't be our only measure of our success. But we have to find a road between ignoring duties to focus only on weight loss and doing nothing. I have been told my whole life that I am persistent (or a stubborn PITA), and I'm relying on that now. I will lose weight! When I can, as I can, but I will. Join me!

    And I wish you well whether you can or not. I believe in the power of pretty too - I hit the thrift store to celebrate any little success on the weight front.


  2. Hi Liz. It's so good to hear from you. I hope you have been doing well. I appreciate that supportive note....and if you like thrift stores, you would love my friends Anne and Elly, who make thrifting a sport...have a good day, Liz...alice