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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweet Memories

My friend Elly scoped this out, and we went Sunday pre-Appalachian Trail.

With limited internet access near the Appalachian Trail, I'm late blogging about the Pocono Cupcake Challenge that Karen, Elly and I swooped in on before arriving @ the AMC LODGE. It was a fundraiser for the United Way of Monroe County, and it was packed, as packed as a dozen and a half cupcakes nestled in a Tupperware CAKE TAKER [which, btw, is $49 in Chickadee Yellow/Snow White]. 

Such a sweet and frenzied scene. They say you never forget your first kiss. Well, I won't forget my first cupcake there: Sweet Potato Casserole [with melty mini marshmallows on top] by baker known as Blondies. That little gem was perfectly moist and dense, autumn in a pleated paper skirt.

After that, omigosh, it was overwhelming. I had a Bacon Maple Syrup cupcake by Kelly Malis and a chocolate funnel cake cupcake with chipotle in the batter, a swirly cream cap and a hot red chili pepper draped across the top. My favorites visually were by Dana Cantillo--Peas & Carrots shaped from icing on carrot cake and Mashed Potatoes, a mound of creamy white frosting with mock butter pat and sweet "gravy" on butter cake.

My favorite by flavor happened to be vegan. It was simply rich and delicious, topped with almondy Biscoff frosting fashioned from BISCOFF SPREAD--the icing whipped up by Diana from Once a Upon a Cupcake in Pocono Mountains, PA. You can email her at What did you use instead of eggs? my friend Karen asked Diana, a beautiful blonde mom. Oil and vinegar, Diana said. Brilliant.

Antidote to sugar rush: Yesterday, Elly and I took a long hike by waterfalls. It was a mighty incline on the way back up. But such a nice way to spend an afternoon, walking side by side with a friend in nature for more than two hours. I had Dad's fleece jacket tied around my waist and found an ebony acorn on the trail. I've never seen a black acorn before. Exotic. I put it in the pocket of Dad's jacket for safekeeping. Near dusk, we saw deer dining in the woods.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Retro metal sign from

  1. Short walk by lake with Karen & Elly.
  2. Went into Nature's Harvest health food store on Main Street in 
  3. Private Benjamin alone and family-style.

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