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Monday, October 8, 2012

Notes from Appalachian Trail

The trail is rocky, I'll say that. You can't look ahead, you have to look underfoot. If you're a seasoned hiker, it must be different.

Yesterday, Candy, Karen, Anne & I did a short walk on the Copper Mines Trail, which veers off the Appalachian. But not too long, because we had to leave time for roast chicken, quiche, polenta, wine, chocolate and the pitcher of Pimm's Cup that Karen made for us [her husband is English]--plus games of Scrabble and Boggle. This morning, Candy and Anne had to head back home, and we missed them as soon as they pulled away, but Elly, Karen & I are going to hike, eat pasta, read, nap......

But those rocks, they seemed like a metaphor for life. When things are really rocky, you have to carefully watch where you're going or you will fall and get hurt. You have to have the right shoes. You have to be awake and aware and deft at climbing from rock to rock. You have to pay attention.

I hope to write more later from this rustic old place. I don't plan on showering here b/c the showers in the lodge look like something out of "Psycho." But that's just me, it hasn't bothered my friends. It's only two days and I took a bubble bath @ home yesterday and will take one @ home tomorrow.

Time to fill a big water bottle and take a hike.

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