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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Powerless in Montclair

No power since 8:35 P.M. last night....but we were ready. We are doing ok. It's not so bad when you have a gas stove you can light with a match. This morning I made pancakes. Tonight, H. made a green salad and heated up a frozen pizza in a skillet. My neighbors Peter and Sally let me throw some ground turkey on their grill.

Kind of at loose ends, though. Sitting with rumpled hair in car outside Starbucks, which was closed all day. But getting the WiFi signal. Have Sug with me for company.

Good things about no power:
  • Reading.
  • Resting.
  • Talking.
  • Candlelight, which I always love anyway.
  • Thinking about how our ancestors ever lived this way.
Kings & A&P were closed. CVS was open so I ducked in for Halloween candy and more candles. Also got a dozen eggs, which I stashed in the old insulated milkbox on our stoop. Most of the food in our fridge will spoil soon. Grateful that we are all safe and sound.

Good night. I hope wherever you are is dry and warm.

  1. Sug and I walked Figgy to her friend's or a sleepover [lucky friend has power].
  2. Leaving all Halloween candy in car until needed tomorrow. Cannot fool myself into thinking I can bring it in house and not indulge.
  3. Just took time to fill in daily diary. Glad.


  1. So sorry about the power. This time of year, you are right you will be fine, but it'll be annoying and it will get cold. I am always surprised at how much energy it takes to cope with the disruption. Plus not being able to work. Hope it gets fixed soon.

    And so extra kudos to you for tracking in the middle of all this! I've had less to cope with and I didn't feel like tracking. You are shaming me into it, and isn't that what friends are for?

  2. Hi Al. Hope your power gets restored soon! But glad that you are safe and sound. Love, Linda