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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coffee & Sympathy

Sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts on Valley Road in Montclair. It’s 6:47 P.M. Walked here to plug in my computer and get internet. No internet. Have to walk down Valley Road to Starbucks for that but at least I can juice up my laptop here.

My friend Linda was @ one of the small maroon tables. Her daughter is Figgy’s age and they were Girl Scouts together for years. She pulled out an extension cord to share her outlet with me.

Things feel so…jittery. H. bought the New York Times today and seeing the devastation and destruction in Breezy Point, Queens and the rest of the city is upsetting. And in our town, massive trees uprooted, one smashed through our neighbors’ windshield.

I keep reaching for light switches, the ice maker, the microwave. Feels so strange. The stress of keeping batteries, candles and matches at the ready…someone told me we might not get power back until Monday [today is Wednesday], but I think it will be sooner. I just feel really stressed out.

My brother Will just phoned me here. He and Kelly and their cat are ok but in the dark in NYC. We both hope our other brother is okay. He lives on 12th Street, and things were bad on 14th. Sis tried to reach him….I will, too.

I can’t stay long here. Fig rode her bike to a friend’s and H. was working downtown, where there’s power. I didn’t want to leave Sug in a darkened house so I brought her Fatness over to Patsy’s. But I don’t want to wear out her welcome.

I hope you are safe. Sorry for this jittery post. And I keep wondering how my friends Kim and Farhan are, in Brooklyn…

Good night.


1.       Boot camp in the soccer field on Upper Mountain Avenue.
2.       Walked a lot—about an hour today.
3.       Nice shampoo.


  1. As you saw on my blog, we are AOK. Actually feeling a little guilty. We never even lost power and my neighborhood sustained only a few lost trees. Given how we are surrounded by so much devastation throughout the city, we have survivor's guilt. We are housebound with the kids and F. at home (so much of Manhattan is in the dark, including Strategic and NYC schools are out until Monday) and no subways. The damage around us all is very very upsetting. I'm glad you are hanging in there. Such a drag not to have power. I hope it comes back on for you soon.

  2. kim, so glad you are need to have survivor's guilt!!! love alice