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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Three-Sport Day

My pink bike. Caveat: It weighs a ton so is hard to pedal.
Some days on the Cape, H. boasted about having a three-sport day--a day in which he ran, swam and biked. Sometimes even a four-sport day, if kayaking was involved.

I had a three-sport day today, although maybe more accurately described as a three-mini-sport day.

I biked to Mass, walked Sug around the block and went to a [very] gentle afternoon yoga class with Figgy.

Mini or not, am proud and feel like I took steps in the right direction.

Good night.

  1. Filed and polished my nails!!!! With Christian Dior Diorling, a frosty light beige. Reminds me of a bottle [of Yardley? nail polish] I liked in the 1970s. It was Mom's or Sis's first.
  2. Quiet contemplation @ Mass.
  3. Have been plowing through piles of paper and mail. It's an ugly task for me, yet beautiful in some ways, too, such as when I found a paycheck for an event H. did. 
  4. Played audio version of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea book on my laptop while slogging through piles. What an enchanting book for women/mothers/writers. What an enchanting woman.
  5. Just made the oatmeal cookies from the new Moosewood cookbook my dear niece Leah gave me for my 50th bday. The recipe makes 24 good-sized cookies and calls for just 2 T. butter and 2 T olive oil for fat [versus a stick of butter], plus whole-grain flour. And they are good.

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