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Friday, November 9, 2012

$35 Oatmeal for One

I woke early and spent luxurious time while Figgy slept. I cleaned out my totebag, laptop bag and felt so good. We have been living out of our satchels, it seemed, with no power or heat. Found crumpled receipts for the hard-won milk I finally tracked down, the lemon Lysol to clean out the friend/college roommate Meggy always liked to clean out her purse when she came to visit me at the shore.....

Also found info from a Salvation Army lunch I attended, with ways to help....I think I will.

On that note, how wasteful our room service breakfast just was. We ordered two oatmeals with brown sugar, walnuts and cranberries. I also ordered a pitcher of milk to pour on it, thinking it would be one of those little creamers. But it was a glass carafe for $8. Somehow I just spent $35 and Fig only took a couple spoonfuls; she didn't like it, said it was gluey. Good thing I brought some Clif Bars.

Mine was good with that milk on top. And healthy.

2 oatmeals $12
milk           $8
room ser.   $5
tip              $5

that adds up to $30....and there were taxes, etc.....yikes, this is why we can't get room service!

Enjoy your day.


  1. Yeah, sadly room service is almost always a bust. Never that good, always that expensive. You're always better off asking about a good local diner. I find that the desk help are always good about identifying good, local breakfast spots. Nevertheless, glad you had a good time at RISD!

  2. Hi Kim...yes...lesson learned......:) alice