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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello from the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. The Ocean State, and also the tiniest one in the USA. You can drive through it pretty quickly on the interstate--I know from my many family trips to Cape Cod.

Don't want to write much b/c Fig and I are watching "That 70's Show," each of us lounging on our own luxurious queen-size bed. [I got her a pair of ear plugs down in the lobby b/c my snoring can keep her up.]

Aside from getting mad @ each other when we couldn't find the hotel after hours of driving, we are having fun. And one funny thing is that I was packing @ the last minute and forgot to pack underwear. Fortunately, we were stopping @ Sis's on the way--we can literally see their home from Route 95 North--and she had two new pairs. Yikes, my Sis comes through in a pinch, doesn't she?

Our RISD tour is tomorrow @ 1.

Good night.

  1. Private Benjamin with H.
  2. Salon blowout! And Vamp is so great. They gave customers 20% discount b/c salon power was out for about a week and appts had to be rescheduled.
  3. Got to hug my good Sis when we stopped by to drop Sug off.
  4. Tonight I ordered a Caesar salad vs. dessert. And that salad was so good!
  5. For room service tomorrow, Figgy ordered oatmeal and so did I, resisting the chorizo and cheese egg scramble.
  6. Just shaped my nails.

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