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Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the Kitchen with Rachael

I was here in Rachael's kitchen on Walnut Street for a lot of the morning and then again tonight--to have a nice warm breakfast of eggs, bagels and coffee, charge my cell and laptop and get on the internet. Rachael is the mom of Figgy's friend Elizabeth, and Figgy slept over here last night.

Right now I am sitting on a cool white leather stool in Rachael's lovely kitchen with white beadboard, dotted Swiss curtains and white marble countertops. White Sug is on my lap. We've been sipping wine. White, of course.

The stress of no power is wearing on me and H. Gas lines wrap around blocks. H. waited over an hour @ 11 P.M. last night to fill our tank at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. The kids are out of school all week and we hear it might spill into next week.

I wanted to make chocolate pudding from Sarabeth's Bakery, a favorite cookbook. You do it all on the stovetop. But I had to chase all over for the whole milk and heavy cream--not in A&P or Target. But finally found milk in Stop&Shop in Clifton and then cream @ Quick Chek. I left them out on our front stoop b/c our power is out; no fridge. It should be cold enough there. Oy.

I feel worn down and tired. I do feel like a hobo. Takes effort to wash face and brush teeth. Bought a new blanket and more candles, and a flashlight for our friends. Must move toward getting to bed. H. is out writing at Dunkin' Donuts--at least that was his plan. Figgy keeps going to friends'  homes who have power b/c God forbid she should be disconnected. [Wait, I've done that, too....]

On the bright side, a power outage brings people together. I've had a chance to sit and chat with Rachael and really get to know her.

Good night.

  1. Had some veggies with dinner. In a blackout--a storm of pizza and pasta and peanut butter--having some veggies is big.


  1. Wish you lived closer so that you could camp here, too. Thinking of you - and having survivor's guilt as well. It can't be helped. Stay safe. Love, Linda

  2. So sorry to hear you are still in the dark, but glad to hear your stove works and you are eating vegetables! You capture so well the jittery "everything is temporary" feeling of camping out in your own house. Somehow being without power takes energy from you, and takes time from you, and leaves you spending your thoughts on how to make do, and when next you will get to power. I felt (last summer) like it made me selfish, focusing on my problems too much. And for you and H. it makes it hard to work, and thus is a financial problem as well. Are the authorities giving you any projections of when it will be back?

  3. Lin, no survivor's guilt!! you're so good. Nan..thank you for the note. not sure when it will be back. they say no later than next friday but i am sure it will be sooner. no school again mon and tues. and yes, it is very stressful to feel you can't work... love alice xoxoox