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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Morning in Providence

Back home. Tired from the drive, esp. b/c last night Figgy kept waking me up from her bed. "Mom! Stop snoring. Roll over!" So I didn't rest very well.

I liked exploring that hip city a little more. Fig's friend Dom directed us to Wickenden Street, where we three ate breakfast and browsed a bit.
  • Breakfast @ Amy's Place. I had nice French toast with a chopped nut/cereal coating. The menu listed eclectic steamed eggnog [in season].
  • Mocha sipping @ Coffee Exchange. Wow, was that place buzzing. I bought a pound of intoxicating beans for H. and sampled the mocha [very good] and an airy cider doughnut.
  • Flower shopping @ cozy City Gardens shop. We walked in through a charming Dutch door [with the top swung open] and the proprietor, Michael, was really nice to talk to. Bought two pretty African violets for Sis and Don, to thank them for watching the puff ball while we were in Rhode Island.
I had wanted to check out the seashore, but we hastily drove off on Thursday afternoon with H.'s antique manual typewriter and other trappings in the trunk and so had to hurry back and be in Montclair by 4:30 today, so he could drive off to work at a party writing 60-Second Novels tonight.

Good night.

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