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Saturday, November 24, 2012

To Dream the Impossible [Calorie] Dream

I joined on October 26 and have lost 4.4 pounds. I'm glad. But here's what's hard.

My Fitness Pal [MFP] set my daily calorie goal @ 1900--I am at such an unhealthy weight. But I am so often way, way, and I mean way over that mark. I'm very good about tracking everything I eat, and think I err on the side of over-reporting portion sizes, which I figure is better than under-reporting.

And yet. Yet. I look back @ my days when I sit down and log everything in @ night, and I think, I didn't have to have six chocolate DD Munchkins @ that brunch birthday party today. I shouldn't have had any of the sheet cake, since it was from ShopRite--not a Parisian patisserie--and I was full already. I didn't have to have six little breakfast sausage links. I should have gotten up earlier and eaten a healthy breakfast, maybe a nice bowl of oatmeal, before I dashed off on my bike to the party.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Why can't I just walk away from the Munchkins?

I am doing some things right, though:
  • Fitting in exercise whenever I can, like biking to party and grocery store today.
  • Weighing in once a week--for at least a year, only got weighed at the doctor's office.
  • More aware of being full.
  • Being present more--talking, focusing, listening, rather than eating mindlessly.
  • Trying to take better care of skin, hair, teeth, as part of overall TCOY plan.
  • Trying to get into bed earlier, after logging in all MFP data. But there have been times when I've felt hungry. I tell myself I can wait until after midnight if I have to eat, and then count it toward the next day. But I usually don't have to.
Still, it just seems impossible. You can graph your progress and food and fitness intake on MFP, and there are so few days when I am near the 1900. I am so over the top.

But I won't back down, in the words of Tom Petty. Let's do this.

Good night.

  1. Biked, and liked it.
  2. Short rest.
  3. Walked Sug under stars with H.
  4. Filled in MFP--which prompted me to stop, be still, take stock.


  1. Alice, 4.4 pounds in a month is healthy weight loss progress. According to WW (my logging and tracking method), .5 to 1.5 a week is considered good. So, great job! Really. You are making changes and you know I have always been sooo impressed with your commitment to activity. Please consider me part of your online support group as you know how I struggle with all of this, too. Go, Alice! One pound at a time:) Love, Lin

  2. Thank you. Lin.......i appreciate al

  3. I agree, great job! Keep logging, keep moving, and things will change - it just won't happen all at once. It's such a huge commitment to keep logging, and I'm convinced that is the key. Do you ever log in and track what you've done so far in the middle of the day? I find it helpful to see what I've done so far, and what I've "got left". Sometimes I even change my dinner plans!

  4. hey Nan, just this weekend I started doing that....sometimes i don't want to take the time to be derailed w. yet one more commitment during the day...but i do think it helps. thanks Nan...alice

  5. Alice, FWIW I have never been able to lose weight from exercise (in the last month I've done spinning, running, eliptical trainer, boot camp and kickboxing, all of which I generally enjoy). Exercise has a lot of terrific benefits, i just don't believe losing weight is one of them. The one exception is regular weight training. Heavy weights where you can barely make it to 12 reps. And several sets of each routine.

  6. Hey, Bill...thanks for the note and the input. you've been working hard!! And you look trim! Patsy, my friend and boot camp leader, just told us again today that losing weight is 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise. She does have us do weights, but not ones we can barely lift.....sigh.....thanks....xo alice