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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. Figgy's recent artwork, including the fashion design of a frothy gown and the drawing of her friend Emma.
  2. Bought six forest-green candles for a nice price--promise of candlelight to come.
  3. I ate a clementine. I peeled one for Punch, who was visiting today, and it smelled intoxicating. Nice and sweet.
  4. Somebody found my little kelly green Kate Spade purse and brought it to the courtesy desk. I left it in the grocery cart in my haste to jump in the car and get to CVS for my Rx. Thank goodness for honest people.
  5. H. and Punch planted tulip bulbs. She said they looked like mushrooms. H. was wearing his leather jacket and Punch was wearing my L.L. Bean fleece. They looked cute. I was reminded of him in his old leather jacket, walking me to Penn Station on our first date. I peeked at them through the kitchen window.
  6. We had dinner @ Moey's house.
  1. Missed church today. Just couldn't swing it. Chose to sleep late. 
  2.  I was scatterbrained and left my purse in the grocery cart after eating crappy popcorn in the car and feeling frenzied.
  1. The choice to eat that popcorn while driving, as though I had to grab it and stuff it in rather than feel some tough feelings about Punch's life, and my judgment of it. But--is this ugly, or strangely beautiful, this acknowledgement, even in one's rear view mirror, of a tough situation that just is?
  2. Hard times for a family I love. Rocky ride. But prayers will help.
  1. Had healthy lunch.
  2. Threw rest of crappy popcorn out.
  3. Was aware of being full @ dinner.
  4. Reached out for support.

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