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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Key West Saying to Remember


I noticed that sign by a coconut tree as I walked the little back boardwalk to the Wicker House breakfast area by the pool this morning. I told H. about it, and now I'm telling Figgy.

That philosophy is one big souvenir I plan to take home.

As in, be smart. Don't put yourself in stupidly risky positions. Keep your eyes open. Know where you are sitting. Use common sense to stay safe and sound. Or: as a writer, get work, do work, and don't leave everything for the last minute. As in, you can sit under the coconut tree [do the writing] on a sunny day so that you don't back yourself into a corner and have no choice but to sit there in a less than idyllic situation, when you're pressed and pressured...when the whole neighborhood is asleep and you're putting your health and calm at risk by sleeping too little, stressing too much, and overeating to fuel yourself to stay awake.

Get out from under the coconut tree on windy days. If you have your eyes open and look where you're going, it shouldn't be too hard.

  1. Healthy breakfast by the pool. Why don't I have those little cups of Yoplait strawberry-banana yogurt at home for light snacks?
  2. Reading, reading. Love reading.
  3. Took bath last night in mango bubbles. 
  4. Good tooth care.
  5. Biking around Key West.


  1. MANGO BUBBLES????!!!!! Man, I have GOT to get to Key West! It's 33 degrees out and shifting between rain and snow for the second time in a week, no chance of seeing the sun.


  2. Nan, you are so funny. thanks for the comment. when i wrote that, I hoped it wouldn't be misleading. the thing is, i brought my bottle of "mango butter" [that's the brand name] bubble bath/shower gel purchased @ Whole Foods and used it in the big bathtub at the inn. So it really can be reproduced at home. I have heard we are heading back to snow.....i hate to leave here. all the best, alice