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Friday, December 28, 2012

Big Lilly News in Key West!

This is the pattern of my dress.
I can't believe my good fortune, Lillywise. I had googled and found a Lilly Pulitzer store in Key West before arriving. Fig and I hopped on our rental bikes [$15 per person per day through the Wicker House, where we're staying] and headed to 600 Front Street this morning.

We walk in, and hooray!, it's a party, just for today, as though somehow the pink and green Lilly gods knew I was coming. I can't believe it. Here's what the handout says:

Lilly Pulitzer
ALL DAY! 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM
early at the LILLY PULITZER

I sensed a party coming on when I saw a caterer walking in with a tray of brushetta! 

It gets better. There's a raffle, the first prize being a bright and beautiful painting of Key West by the Lilly print design team. It says Lilly loves Key West and includes pretty images of a white picket fence, bicycles, Jimmy Buffett's original Margaritaville restaurant and more. Figgy and I filled out chances to win. Other prizes included a Lilly ice bucket and clear acrylic Lilly RECIPE BOX with Lilly recipe cards--which I am dying to own. I know the Lilly line well and haven't seen that yet. "Can I just buy one?" I asked the saleswoman. The answer was no. Hello?!!! When can we buy it? I love to cook and want a Lilly recipe box! [I just found them on THE PREPPY PRINCESS WEBSITE, out of Michigan. Will buy one someday.]

There were even gifts with purchase, based on how much you spent. At the lowest level [me, I bought a pretty beach dress in blue and lavender pattern] you got two great Lilly bangles in a floral Lilly box.

I wanted to see how they'd spell fun, fashionable Lilly with food and drink. They hired local Small Chef at Large catering to bring in platters of chic, ladylike foods--basil, tomato & roasted garlic brushetta [excellent], tiny shots of soup with fresh lavender on top, and cucumber boats with blue cheese and roasted red pepper mousse. After lunch with Fig and a phone chat with Sis, I thought, Let me go back and see if they put a birthday cake out now, since it was 3:06 P.M. And yes, even better, there were little key lime tarts with kiwi palm trees on top [thinly sliced kiwi makes the leaves], dainty shots of chocolate mousse with whipped cream, and strawberries and pineapple chunks dipped in chocolate.

I biked back with my mini key lime tart in my basket, to show Figgy. H. doesn't always understand my Lilly fixation.

Going to take a little cat nap.

Pink in Key West.
  1. Good tooth care.
  2. Short bike ride.
  3. Reading.


  1. Key lime pie and Lilly - in the Keys! Can that ever be topped?

  2. ...the pink and green Lilly gods... funny. Glad you found that Lilly store on the right day. Love, Lin

  3. Hi Nan....Happy crack me up. No, I don't think it can ever be topped, not unless Lilly herself were there [i think she lives in Palm Beach?]. Hi is Aunt Edith doing? hope you had a nice Christmas. love alice