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Monday, December 17, 2012


We had our annual holiday sibling dinner in NYC tonight....Sis and Don, Will and Kelly, me, H. and Figgy. Our eldest brother, JJ, who lives in the city [like Will and Kel], couldn't/didn't come. It's too bad, and would have been good to have him there. But by now, sadly, we've grown to expect his absence. We returned to BRIO in the Flatiron District, 21st and Broadway.

It was fun and festive, though drippy and gloomy outside, not crisp and Christmaslike. We raised our glasses in a toast, talked about Dad a little, remembering all the times we drove him in for this dinner......I could see him there in his gray wool sport coat and navy pants [which he ordered from a catalog and may have had Sis hem]. We shared appetizers including eggplant and grilled squid [Sis and Figgy had it in Greece and loved it], enjoyed our Italian entrees, from sage ravioli to seafood stew.

We capped it off with tiramisu, sorbet, cappuccino...H. had his favorite, that tiny cup of espresso with sambuca.

When I became a mother, Sis and Will became an aunt and uncle. I remember them coming to the hospital in NYC to see our newborn Figgy. I love to see them with means so much to me. You know, Figgy getting to know and love the people I've loved my whole life. They are good and kind to Figgy. Because I am the younger sister to Sis and Will, it also makes me feel like they're treating Figgy the way they treated me. I guess that sounds odd, but I feel like I'm looking through a window @ my own girlhood somehow. I think when I see them doting on Fig, I see how they have doted on me. And I see the qualities I love in them, as if to say, Figgy, isn't Uncle Will funny? Isn't Auntie so smart?

There's something so special about aunts and uncles. They're not with you on a daily basis, but they admire and love you and take pride in you. They cheer you on from afar. I cherish my own aunts and uncles and always have.

Will and Kelly generously lavished Figgy with long ropes of faux pearls, big rings, earrings...and an Amex gift card. She wants to buy a swimsuit @ Target for Florida--among other things.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp.
  2. Walked Puff around block.
  3. Read a little of A Family Christmas, Caroline Kennedy's collection of Christmas stories and writings, and took a nap while rain drip-dripped outside. About to get into bed and read it again.
  4. "White Christmas" on the screen right now.
  5. Planning to make a list so I can calmly stay on course this week with all I have to do between work, shopping, baking, delivering, mailing and packing for trip.


  1. Ah, I love aunts and uncles, too! I have such fond memories of all my aunts and uncles, now gone (except, thankfully, for one couple--my Mom's brother and his wife). And I enjoy being an aunt, too. It's a very special relationship. One of my favorite things about our extended family on F's side is that all those first cousins are treated as aunts and uncles, as are we with their kids. Nice.

    Oh, and F. has 3 paternal aunts alive and I adore them!

    When are you leaving for FL? Will you be blogging so we can be jealous!??

  2. So glad you got to see everyone (but too bad not you-know-who) for your annual holiday celebration. I wish them all a Merry Merry. Yes, Aunts and Uncles have always been an important part of my life, too. And so have cousins! Love, Lin

  3. Hi Kim.....we are leaving sunday dec. 23...i have so much to do before then, though....getting stressed out.....and not acting very gracious or kind the last hour or so, much to my regret....Lin, thanks you and I were blessed with good Garbarini uncles.....and I love my Aunt Edith love al xoxoox

  4. Thanks for celebrating the Aunts! I think being the cool aunt is the best gig in the world.