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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michael Aiduss, Miracle Man

Michael is kind, gifted--and gorgeous inside and out.
I first met Michael Aiduss at Yoga Montclair years back, when the studio was down behind the Valley Road Starbucks in Montclair, next to a flower shop. We attended a 6:30 A.M. "sunrise yoga" class on weekdays. We stumbled in bleary-eyed but we loved our teacher, Joe Gandarillas. Michael and I would often end up together for partner poses--there were only about six of us in the class--and though he is far more flexible, stronger and younger than me, Michael was friendly and supportive. He and Joe always told me I was doing great.

Now! Michael has MA, the interior design firm on Forest Street in Montclair [not far from everyone's favorite bakeries and coffee shop on Walnut Street]. I knew him as my yoga partner, and later, learned he was Joe's life partner, too. I know no finer pair of people. They both have such good hearts.

But the talent...the talent. I dashed into the pop-up shop at MA this evening, and there was Michael, gorgeous and trim, and his work, equally breathtaking. I had seen some impeccable design work he had done @ Bobbi Brown's Montclair home when I went on a house tour...but now I got to see his whole Here's his website home page, launch to come: The Forest Street space itself is incredible.....sleek and tailored, rich and understated. "This is our calling card," said Joe, who works there, too.

At the pop-up shop, I had a flute of the best champagne I've ever sipped, cold, crisp and delicious. I'm not kidding. [Michael/Joe--if you read this post, please add a comment with the brand, so I know for future reference.] I would have asked the nice waiters for the name or peeked at the label in the ice bucket, but had to hurry home b/c Punch was unexpectedly visiting for the evening and I also didn't want to be too conspicuous.

Placed artfully around the space, for holiday gifting: Stunning picture frames and pearl-studded vases from L'Objet, luxury candles, vintage items. Check THIS LINK to see L'Objet, a line I've never seen before. I loved a dazzling jeweled circular frame, but it was out of my price range. I was also drawn to a bespoke red tartan plaid wool tie that I toyed with getting H. for Christmas--he loves ties, especially bow ties--but I already got him a couple of gifts, and the tie was $150. But trust me, it and the other ties were again...insert buzzword here...gorgeous!!!

A young local jewelry designer was there this evening, too--the collection is called Pico and here is the site: Her bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces have an architectural edge...columns, stacks, vertical bars, cubes. Really cool. Check it out. Affordable, too.

That's one thing I love about living in Montclair. I am more sophisticated and chic just for breathing the same air as people like Michael and Joe.
If you're in or around Montclair, check out the pop-up shop @ 107 Forest Street [right next to Yoga Montclair in its new location]. Open tomorrow and Thursday, December 19 and 20, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. I do think that if you just walk in, look around and walk out you will emerge more sophisticated than when you first crossed the threshold. And I have been not paid a penny to say that.

Good night.

  1. Faced music after not eating healthfully. Just faced it, instead of hating on myself.
  2. Private Benjamin.
  3. Stopped to see Michael and Joe and taste a little of that fine bubbly--and the finer life.
P.S. It was so nice to stop in and do that, and I enjoyed a lot of the rest of my day, but then things fell apart tonight. H. was supposed to drive into NYC with Punch to see Santa @ Macy's, as they have the last two Decembers. I was supposed to get a lot of things in order and Fig was supposed to do college apps. But he said Punch really wanted to come see me and Figgy and Sug instead, so he brought her over--and it was unplanned and stressful. I am so unproud [is that even a word?] of my temper and my behavior. They baked Christmas cookies but fig was worrying me and I got very cranky. I can be so very mean. I do hate myself over it. I may as well be a wicked stepmother. Truly.


  1. You had a very nice experience at Montclair, Alice. I once went there during an unexpected visit but I haven't enjoyed the place as I was in a hurry that time. Until now I am still planning to go there, hopefully.

  2. Hi Lucy. I hope you get back to Montclair! It's a great town. Check Walnut Street, Church Street and Upper Montclair. Best, Alice

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