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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie

Check it: The legendary Neiman Marcus-Target partnership. sweet friend Candy [aka Madonna] scored a copy of this secret recipe in the 1990s, and it involved ground oats and grated milk chocolate, in addition to chocolate chips.

It is an urban legend.

When I went to Neiman's in Paramus yesterday--to check out the very good designer collaboration between NM and Target, with clothing and accessories by Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, Tracy Reese, Oscar de la Renta and others--I stopped in the restaurant to recharge with a healthy salad and lots of refreshing ice water. For dessert, I did succumb to the famous chocolate chip cookies, served in a jewelry-size Neiman's silver gift box with the recipe inside. Cookie box cost: $5.

First I thought I'd eat just one of the medium-size chippers but it quickly became apparent that would be impossible. They were too good. And even the slim, chic moms next to me shared a giant one, warmed in the oven.

Tonight, Fig's friend Charlotte ate over and after, the girls asked me to make chocolate-chip cookies. Yay, I whipped my recipe right out. Here's a LINK. A few unique twists: You bake them at 300 degrees [vs. 350]; use mostly brown sugar and just 3 T white; and add espresso powder. I think that last ingredient adds to the addicting quality. You're supposed to sift the dry ingredients together before adding, but I just dumped them all right into the bowl. These cookies are quite good. I sent a tinful home with Charlotte.

Good night. Here is the TARGET LINK but you can shop the collection @ NM too, in store and online.

  1. Church. Liked the "go in peace" part at the end.
  2. Raked and hauled leaves for 30+ minutes.
  3. Walked Sug around block with H.
  4. Enjoyed H. playing the lute just now.


  1. I printed out this recipe because if I am going to make any cookies this year, it will be these! Love, Lin

  2. Lin, note from day after: even kept in cookie tin, they are pretty crispy. i tend to like softer cookies so maybe should have baked for a shorter time..... i had to get them out of the house, though...too al xoxox