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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crystal Ball Drops, Goals in Place

May 2013 bring glitter and sparkle, pretty pinks, cool aquas....tranquil naps, fun trips [Moey and I want to visit our friend Fritch, in Texas], ordinary days. Good income, a stronger work ethic, better time management. New challenges, fresh home-cooked family dinners, smart self-care, improved health and fitness, laughter, wisdom and wit. May we listen quietly and hear--what is important, what turns we should take on life's path. May the bills be paid, the stress be little, the stars be bright. May we have an umbrella in a rainstorm. That may sound corny, but I don't care. I mean it metaphorically and literally.

May we respect ourselves and others. May the January memoir writing workshop I signed up for with Montclair author Laurie Albanese point me in a new direction I can follow. [I'm hopeful.] May the memoir writing I've volunteered to teach alternate Saturday afternoons to guests @ Toni's Kitchen help point them in new directions, too.

May I grow healthier and happier.

Good night and Happy New Year.

  1. At Paige and Gary's great New Year's Eve party, I balanced my punch and champagne with cups of ice water.
  2. Moderate desserts, not crazy amount.


  1. May everything that you wish for in 2013 come true. Happy New Year. Love, Linny

  2. Lin, thanks. Happy, healthy new year! we saw sis and don today when we went to retrieve Sugar. ;) love al