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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"The Twilight Zone" Marathon

Famous for twist endings; I like writing twist endings, too.
I remember watching the New Year's Day "Twilight Zone" marathon with Dad. Tonight I caught a few great episodes. I love the way it explores the meaning of life, questions our loyalties and responsibilities, turns conventional thinking on its ear....

I just watched episodes about a young brother and sister whose parents are bickering/divorcing and the kids find they can swim through a magic door in their fancy built-in pool and arrive at a "gingerbread house," where a kind old woman bakes and serves giant cakes to them, and where kids can be kids; about a man in an old-age home who wants to be young again; and about a fellow who hates the demands of his "Mad Men" era advertising job and wants to travel back to a simpler time, a time he glimpses when he dozes off on his train commute home to Connecticut.

Rod Serling was brilliant. Just read that he was born on Christmas Day 1924 in Syracuse, NY. What a gift he left us.

What a master storyteller. And Dad, I am missing you. Wish you were here to watch with me. Love, Al

Good night.

  1. Even though it was cold and dark, wrapped up me and my Sug and we took a walk down by the Hobbit houses and back up the hill. It was invigorating, and nice to see everyone's Christmas trees through the windows. Saw twinkling tree @ Werner, Wyville, NFL and Panucci houses, and through the glass at new pricey home and sweet tudor home.
  2. Planning to turn over new leaf [again] and not stay up late every night, starting tonight.

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