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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hi from Fort Lauderdale

Palm trees swaying....need to get sunscreen.....welcome to Florida. But I'm about to hit the hay, because I think my brother-in-law Don will be waking up early, and we're all in one suite. It's been fun to travel with Sis and Don so far....she and I share so many inside jokes from growing up in our quirky Garbarini household. Good night.

1. Lots of ice water and a nice goblet of chilled seltzer with fragrant lime wedges. 
2. Been reading Ann Patchett's collection of essays, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage. Love it. 


  1. I am glad you are enjoying the book...and your trip!

  2. Sick as dog all night but I think
    It's over. It was so
    Good to see you and thanks for book reco. Love alice

  3. One more comment ... I love Ann Patchett!