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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spa Day with a Six-Pack

Ocean view at Atlantic Hotel & Spa today after our treatments.
Me and Sis after pampering.
Don & Sis dancing at Michele's Dining Lounge.
I treated Sis to a massage at the Atlantic Hotel & Spa and I got a restful treatment* that involved 6 1/2 bottles of beer and fragrant orange slices.

Mine was the Signature Beer Treatment--Citrus Suds Body Cocoon & Bath. Your experience starts with our signature citrus beer body exfoliation. Then you'll be wrapped in our special beer citrus potion. While you unwind, your hair and scalp will be luxuriated with our signature beer hair and scalp treatment. Then slip into our relaxing soaking tub. Your exhilarating experience will be wrapped up with a soothing full body lotion application.

The hot bath was drawn for me and six bottles of Florida's Honey Beer [Orange Blossom Pilsner] were poured in. The water was so bouyant, I bounced around like a fat baby. Orange slices floated all over the surface--an idea I think Punch or Figgy would like in their baths at home--and I slipped my hand through the softened fruit, wearing the rinds like bracelets.

Monica put a basin of ice-cold face cloths next to the tub and those came in handy as my plump body bobbed and my temperature rose. She also placed a pitcher of citrus ice water and a flute to pour it in on my left. [Monica said I could drink the half bottle of beer, but I don't like beer, so into the tub it went.] After that scalp massage, I got a shampoo and blow-dry.

We went to dinner tonight at Michele's Dining Lounge, a place Sis and Don have been to about three times before. They have live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sal Fazio sang and played piano and guests took the mike to serenade the room, too.

Such a nice crowd--well-dressed and older--and great songs, like "Piano Man" and "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." I texted my H, a few times from our bar table because I wished he was there. An older gent kept giving me come-hither looks and I felt weird, wanting H.'s hand and gaze.

Tired now. Good night.

  1. Spa day with my sister.
  2. Ate a nice sweet orange.
  3. Have been drinking so much ice water, might float away soon.
  4. We shared a dessert at dinner instead of ordering three.
*The spa extended an editorial courtesy discount to me since I'm a writer and blogger.  


  1. Looks like a beautiful place! I love the view... warm and peaceful. Enjoy your time together. Love, Linda

  2. Warm and peaceful and sunshine. Relax!

  3. Hi Lin and Nan...thanking you...sending love...alice

  4. Girlfriend, it does not get any better, right? Sister time, pampering time, clean eating, gorgeous views, even some innocent flirting to remind a gal that she's still got it, but she still wants her own man. Perfect! Enjoy!

  5. OMG, I think Pete might even go for a spa treatment that involves floating in beer! I have NEVER heard of that. I'm enjoying catching up on your posts ... now I'm off to read Dan's review. :)

  6. Hi Eileen.....thanks for reading, and for the note....we haven't met up yet, I still hope we can but I know life is very busy for both of alice p.s. Yes, Ann Patchett's writing style is so lean and descriptive. Love that.