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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Article Archive: I Rub Elbows with Celebrity

Proud of my H. As I've said before, I knew him when--when he lived in a shoebox studio apartment in Park Slope with a futon and a toaster, when he researched and sent article pitches diligently to both the women's magazines and The New York Times, when he went to the Purity Diner to start his workday with endless cups of coffee, when he and I took writing courses at The New School.

Here is the link to today's full-page review of his book Smarter in The New York Times Book Review.

P.S. Even though he travels a lot for work and sometimes for fun, I'm feeling guilty about being here in the Florida sun while he's back home with crying Punch. Trying to realize I cannot control it or fix it from here. Trying to trust. I will be back home Tuesday evening. I think it's the mother's lot to feel guilty a lot.

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