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Monday, March 24, 2014

20 Signs That I'm on Vacation--in Florida

  1. Room keys [that keep losing their magnetic zip].
  2. Sunglasses.
  3. Hotel elevators.
  4. Mighty little boxes of Tide and Bounce to do a load of wash.
  5. Breakfast buffet with cheerful, mini packs of Cheerios and small cartons of milk.
  6. SunPass vs. E-ZPass.
  7. Palm trees stretching for sky.
  8. Drive-through Starbucks.
  9. Drive-through ice cream place.
  10. Lounge chairs by the sea. Close eyes, fall instantly, peacefully asleep as pelicans swoop into the surf.  Mourn having to leave tomorrow.
  11. Older gents in citrus-colored, low-slung, expensive sports cars.
  12. Wearing my swimsuit everyday.
  13. Parking at meter by pretty beach on North Ocean Blvd [Pelican Grand Beach Resort] for $1.25 an hour--good deal.
  14. Spritzing on sunscreen.
  15. Blow dry did not last!
  16. So many turning lanes, and so many streets with double identities---each has a number name and a word name and a complicated compass hint, like NE or SE in front of the number--just to confuse you.
  17. Housekeeping.
  18. A.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Going to hotel gym with Sis in the mornings.
  20. So many Orlando-bound families in our midst, en route to see Mickey.

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