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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quick Dip into Lilly Pulitzer in Boca Raton

All the pretty salesgirls were wearing beautiful Lilly clothes: beaded tunic, colorful shift, gold sandals, strapless dress with little white cardigans half-buttoned on top. Their hair looked so bouncy-clean and pretty and the  place had a bit of a sorority vibe. It was the Lunch with Lilly promotion today only and so we had pink  lemonade, madelines, little sticky buns.  I got Punchy a beautiful swimsuit and scored a cashmere sweater in Crystal Water blue. Marked down from $198  to $69. Can't wait to put it on in a.c.-chilled suite and read. And my gift with purchase was a glittery gold bracelet that I gave to my good Sis. 

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