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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sour Oranges

Photo I took about 6 p.m. today; it drizzled on and off this evening.
As usual, when any fun vacation comes to a close, I do not want to go home. Yet the clouds are rolling in.

It will be back to the routine of corralling a young child for breakfast, better behavior, appointments, lessons, bedtime. To doing my work in spurts, in between life. To dealing with a sometimes sullen or highly dramatic teen, as much as I love my Figgy. To groceries, dishes, getting down on my knees to spot-clean the kitchen floor. To stacks of bills and balls of dust.

Is that a dark and dramatic view of life? Do I sound like a spoiled brat? Some people never fly anywhere, never go to hotels or lounge by a pool. How greedy can I be? But I've loved the Florida breezes, the leisure time, the nice meals, the new places. The lack of stress. I have not missed the struggles at home--my own and the ones I try to help smooth for three others.

My heart is heavy. I heard from Fig and H. [who got back after 4 from his round-trip train to D.C. today] that Punchy had a really bad day, acting out and such. I know what that means, and it makes me sad. Then H. drove into NYC this evening to see his dear childhood friend, also named Dan, in the hospital. Punch went to sleep early for Figgy, so that's good, but I think we're just all scattered so much, and I feel guilty. As though my being home would have made her act out less.

No, probably not. And had I not taken this breather in Florida, it probably would have made me act out more.

My flight leaves Fort Lauderdale  about 6 p.m., and we head to the airport a few hours before, b/c Sis and Don have an earlier flight to New York. It's rainy now and may also be in the morning, but I'm hoping we can hop in the car and whisk back over to the pretty beach I lounged on today, so we can rest and take a dip before we fly away home.

Want to finish transcribing some notes now for Anthony's book [he's the monk who left monkdom and married]--I brought them to Florida and have been doing an hour or so for a few nights. Then zip down to lobby to print them out, so I can start editing at airport tomorrow. Anthony and I planning to meet Wednesday at his home.

Good night.

  1. Went to fitness center with Sis and burned off about 170 calories on exercise bike.
  2. Beach rest.
  3. Ice water.
  4. Nice dinner cruise on Jungle Queen tonight.


  1. breaks are magic and s-o-o worth it! and you got work done, and exercise in - how very good of you on vacation to do that. Having a respite can really make a difference, even if it feels like you are just back at it as soon as you are home.