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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Little Pony Party

The birthday girl, fourth from left, in the LOVE sweatshirt. The ponies at Sunday's party at the Garret Mountain stables were Kibbles [shown] and Pebbles, and the kids all got a lesson in grooming and some rides around the indoor ring. Then back to our house--which H. and Punch had jazzed up with Little Pony decorations--for pizza and cake. Punch really wanted Figgy there, too, and it turns out you're never too old to get excited about pizza, birthday cake and ice cream, as Fig and her four friends proved. Good night.

  1. Slept late.
  2. Went on Whole Foods grocery shopping/label sleuthing tour led by Diana, boot camp friend and now nutrition expert who lost 75 pounds. Patsy and I took the tour. Hope to blog about it tomorrow.
  3. Bought healthy groceries on tour: carrot juice, dinosaur kale, organic baby spinach, raw daikon radishes [like long, fat carrots], guacamole with kale in it, salmon, more. Roasted the radishes, cut up; pan-browned the salmon; had some raw dinosaur kale; sauteed spinach.
  4. About to reply to a friend who sent me a caring email.

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