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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Rainy Spring Day at the Edge of the Earth

Figgy ducked out of the car to take a photo. Truro looked like another country today, as I picture the moors of Ireland or England.

Wild and desolate road in Truro.
So glad Fig and Red came along on this trip. Not just to get to know them better--they also readily watch Punch for an hour here or there when I want a break. Right now, they've got some movie on the laptop for her and then they're putting her to bed. She adores them, glows in their presence. And I can make phone calls or read--or blog. Much easier than my last trip to the Cape, when I came alone with Punchy.

I haven't figured out foto captions on the iPhone Blogger app, so if I can't insert them now with my fone, will add tomorrow on laptop. Tomorrow we head back home. 

It was a wet day with whipping winds in the barren dunes of Truro. In Provincetown, we needed umbrellas and most places were closed. [On a summer day, the narrow main street is teeming with people.] Among the open: Provincetown Portuguese Bakery, dating to 1976; a Marc by Marc Jacobs store, which delighted me and Fig; and PTown Spin, selling vinyl and discs--a playground for Red and Fig. At my beloved Audubon, we mostly stayed in the visitors' center because of the rain and wind. I wished I had a hood. Good tired night.

Little sister was a willing volunteer for big sister's anti-stress mask.
Delicate daffs in the garden at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Fig and Punch putting their heads together at Audubon fish tank.
Highland Light in Truro. When Fig was little, Dad and I drove over to take a look when it was carefully being moved inland, away from eroding cliffs.
Towering Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, behind a statue honoring World War I soldiers.
Pilgrim Monument again. Once or twice, we've gone up it.
A church that welcomes all.
My new Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella from Commercial Street shop--and old stone wall.
Cute little shops [closed today]. 
As you can see, it was 6:05 p.m.
Water view.
Cool red lamp post.
We parked in this lot--$6 flat rate for 24 hours.
Local color.
Good night, sweet dreams.

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