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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updated: How I Know I'm on the Cape

  1. Biked the Cape Cod Rail Trail with Punch this evening for nearly an hour. An old, spry rusty-red fox crossed our path after doing his business in the scruffy shrubbery bordering the bikeway. Punch insisted it was a coyote; it wasn't. We biked from Eastham almost to the end of the path in Marconi. But that old 1960s Raleigh bike was low on air and hard to pedal. I made us turn back just shy of the end.
  2. We're cooking in the Wonderstrand Way kitchen, different b/c it has an electric stove, smaller fridge, noisy dishwasher and old-fashioned coffeemaker. Using the glasses and bowls my Mom and Dad brought up from home or were gifted with in 1980 for this vacation place.
  3. I'm sitting in my car with Sug to blog--she's indignant because she can't be on my lap, but the laptop is. That French sense of entitlement. Fig, Red and Punch are in the Ben & Jerry's cone shop getting ice cream but I already had treats today. I hopped on the Dunkin' Donuts guest WiFi--the donut shop is right around the corner from B & J's. Thank you, Donutland.
  4. Want to take a bath in tub bigger than the one at home.
  5. Visited with the neighbors on the street or inside: Adam and Randy, Dot H., Peg. Peg even let me throw the white lace curtains into her washer, saving me a trip to the old laundromat.
  6. We went to Coast Guard Beach with Sug. Punch buried herself in the sand. Figgy and Red cuddled. I curled up on a towel, Sug by my side, and caught a few minutes rest. Pretty water.
  7. Passing streets with names like Hay Road, Cove Road....and two windmills on way to the grocery store.
Good night, sleep tight.

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