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Friday, April 25, 2014

Flower Show Back Home in Montclair

It's as if Mother Nature is saying, Hey, it's not the Cape, but check all this beauty around you.

Punch's school. God bless America.
My sun-room office, with orchids, geraniums, African violets.

I'd wondered if geraniums would bloom inside when I bring them in after the summer; my mother-in-law assured me they would.

Frog rock from Wellfleet Sanctuary. 
  1. Healthy breakfast.
  2. Hoping to walk today.
  3. Gardened already.


  1. How pretty your sunroom looks!

  2. Your office looks beautiful. You have a green thumb, Alice.

  3. Kim and Lin, thank is a bit cluttered over near my desk, but the colorful flowers really cheer me. It is one of my favorite rooms. Love, alice