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Friday, April 25, 2014

Until We Meet Again, Cape Cod

Camera roll, below.

I woke early to the sound of the wind blowing the Cape from all sides, it seemed. The white vinyl window shade flapped and snapped in and out--I like to sleep with the window up. The rain had vanished and the skies were that bright, clear Cape Cod blue. The purple azalea buds looked like Punch's own personal bouquet outside her bedroom window.

We spent hours cleaning the house, music playing on the radio--Red proved diligent and helpful at vacuuming, sweeping up the sand, shaking the rug, hauling bags and packing the car, while Fig was a bit too indulgent with makeup/hair time. But at my prodding, she did clean the toilet, as she used to as a little girl on Cape Cod clean-up day, a little shorty in aqua terrycloth dress hovering over the bowl, toilet brush in hand. Punchy did some spraying and cleaning, too. They have to start young. We stripped the beds, packed up the fridge [even uncooked bacon and eggs survive the 5.5-hour ride home], turned all the room thermostats down to 43 degrees. Then I slid down the storm windows, turned off the water and flipped the circuit breakers for the stove and hot water heater.

We stopped at the Orleans Town Landing [previous post], posing for pictures near a fisherman who was taking his boat out, and drove the winding path to Chatham, below. My heart and lungs are full of fresh Cape air and beautiful views. I hope they somehow translate to a healthy perspective for everyday life. There must be a way to carry this with me always.

I'd like to live on Seaview Street.

The pink-awninged Chatham Candy Manor is directly across from my Lilly Pulitzer love, called In the Pink. Convenient! Fig and Red watched Punch and Sug so I could dip into both.

Got sunglasses + pink jewel box.

Even the flowers outside the Lilly store are happy and bright, wearing stylish Easter colors.

One of many simply striking white New England churches, this one in Chatham.

Fat, friendly seagull.
Sug with that look, "Can I trust you?" Sometimes she can't--as when Punch throws sand at my baby, and loses her tablet-using privileges.

Chatham Light.

Feed this a quarter for a view from above. Punch dragged me onto the beach for a closer look, and took a sack of sand home.
  1. Walked on beach and in town. Breathed in beauty, serenity, nature.
  2. Good dental care.
  3. Nice scented body wash in shower.
  4. At Chatham Candy Manor, got one piece--a coffee caramel. Quite delicious. Though I did snag a few luscious cubed fudge samples from the pretty pink bowls by the register.

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