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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Sweet Sixty, Dear Sis

Dinner party at Greenwich Water Club on River Road in Cos Cob, where Sis and Don are members. Happy occasion; my great Sis turned 60 today! We toasted her with the likes of chilled Pinot Grigio, a fine Bloody Mary, a pink Shirley Temple--depending on our age. We celebrated with lavish treats like jumbo shrimp cocktail [Do you drink it? Punch asked], Kobe steak, lobster bisque. God bless Sis on this birthday, and many more. [Can you believe I'm 60? she said. No, thank God you made it, I answered with a smile. A vision of her as a teenager flashed before my eyes--her Beatles board game, long auburn hair, the time she modeled a fur coat in a fashion show. We spoke then, across the table, of our cousin Judi, who just died at 58--sad that she hadn't made it. And I thought of our mother, long gone at 56. Joy tinged with a stroke of sadness that colors our lives, like the dark, ruffled edge of a lavender iris.] Good night.

Fig + Punch, who cut her own bangs.
Pretty smart: Sis flanked by two doctors/friends she works with: Elizabeth, left, and Nicole.

Don, Sis, Punch--I made the chocolate cake, called Gateau Royale, from an Emily Luchetti cookbook.
Punchy and Auntie have a mutual adoration society.

Don, me and Bill. The bouquet in glass cube was gift from me, H. and girls--it's from Clores Flowers in Montclair.

  1. Support group this morning. Quiet wisdom there.
  2. Salon blowout.
  3. Short nap.
  4. Wriggled into pantyhose and Lilly Pulitzer dress, even brushed on a little bronzer and mascara.  But yikes, my Nars lipstick in photo above looks way questionable! A little scary. Plus mascara smudged under eyes since I cried while toasting Sis. 


  1. Hi Alice. I am glad that you got to celebrate this special occasion with Sis and all. I remember her as a teenager, too, and she still looks the same!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Love, Linda

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely sister!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maryann you all look great.As I always say to cousin Linda to me you all will be the Garbarini girls.I love the reference to the iris a flower I love.God bless all.

  4. Hi Lin and Kim and Aunt Ann. Thank you for the nice notes. Love Alice

  5. Beauties all around, including YOU! Can you send me some possible dates for lunch? Time is ticking on the school year ... I know May 7 and 8 would not work for me; otherwise, I have a lot of flexibility in the coming month.

  6. Hi Eileen. thanks for the nice note...i will email you lunch dates. would really love to see you. love alice