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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Mother & Me

My Mom seemed old and old-fashioned compared to my friends' mothers, especially Moey's Mom, Mrs. C., who wore slingback shoes and blue jeans vs. belted shirtdresses and suntan pantyhose. But my mother was only 36 when she had me, just two years older than I was when I had my baby Fig. [Mrs. C. was maybe 21 or 22? when she had Moey.]

My Mom's life was so different from mine, and I've been thinking on that. She never had a dishwasher, not until they put one in the vacation home on Cape Cod in 1980. She wasn't practiced at highway driving, certainly not on long trips with busy merges. She did not do drives like I do, to Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Maine and more.

But similarities abound between us:
  • love to sleep
  • happy to curl up with a good book
  • fan of chocolate
  • find pleasure in arranging pink flowers in cut-glass vase, better yet if cut from own garden
  • intelligent
  • enthusiastic
  • independent
  • gift of many good girlfriends, some lifelong
  • sense of humor
  • extroverted
  • like to bake, appreciate desserts
  • into upscale shops [she, B. Altman, Lord & Taylor, Best & Co.; me, Tory Burch, Milly, Lilly, Bergdorf's], even if just browsing
  • treasure nice jewelry--I loved her gold charm bracelet
  • listen to mournful Irish music spinning on the record player
  • very close to our Dads
Tired now....good night to you. For another day: differences between Mom & me.

  1. Salon blowout
  2. Met friend Jane briefly.
  3. Reached out for help via text.
  4. Homemade coleslaw.