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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reaching for the Light

Idyllic storybook setting.
Snaps of the day at Anderson Park in Montclair. Lifted my mood--and Punch sure had fun cycling around the park for hours with her kindergarten pal and pal's brother. I enjoyed connecting with their very nice parents. We talked about life: where we grew up, how we try to get our kids to bed on time, houses in town, family, work, even religion a bit. Nice way to while away a Sunday. Good night.

We ate lunch under this tree.

Seeking the sun.
Happy on wheels.
Shadows can be beautiful, but I want to be mroe than a shadow of myself. Want to be strong and proud and growing.


  1. I am so grateful my girl played soccer for four years because of the unexpected joy of parental bonding on the sidelines

  2. Yes, Nan, so true. To have witnesses and contemporaries on this is vital to alice