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Friday, May 9, 2014

Can a Monster Shed Her Scales?

I guess the answer is yes, since a hideous, warty frog can be turned into a prince. At least according to Disney.

I can be such a monster in the mornings. I woke Punch at 8 a.m. and by 8:40, she still only had her underwear on. Fighting about shirts, socks, pants. It's ridiculous. Getting down to the kitchen so late that I have to pop the waffle in the toaster, wrap it in a paper towel and have her walk with it to the bus stop. That and a sip of milk before she goes.

Part of it is my fault. I was playing a little with her and her cute moving hamster toys for a few minutes around 8:10. One was me, one H., one Figgy. They were bumping into each other. It was funny.

But when it goes on and on, I start screaming in a really scary way. I hate myself for it, I really do. I want to be a better person.

God, please help me be a bettter, calmer person. Need more yoga, maybe. As if I have the time, space, strength, foresight or organizational skills to fit it in right now, I add bitterly.

Off to boot camp.

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