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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Drive with Caution--Dad on the Road

Night before last, I dreamt I was with Dad at the Bergaminis--old family friends. Mom was Elaine's maid of honor and Elaine was her matron of honor, and they'd been friends since girlhood and all through their lives.

In the dream, Elaine and her husband, Romeo, were still alive.....actually, they've been gone for years. And Dad was alive, too. I liked seeing him. He was driving his white 1990s Chevy Cavalier--the one he gave us before he died. I was driving ahead of him, leading him out to the highway when we left at night.

Now today, I learned from the mechanic that Dad's car is most likely a goner, that it would cost more to fix at this point than it's worth. I don't like that. He drove me and little Figgy to the Cape often in that car, and it sports a 1997 sticker for Eastham taxpayers/Eastham beaches.

I miss you, Dad. For now, your car is back in our garage, and I can see it from my desk.

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  1. This is sad. It's like losing a connection to your dad, something that still kept him close. Love, Linda